5 Places to See the First Rays of the Sun in 2018

How about welcoming 2018 with the view of the mesmerizing sunrise? What better than holding your breath while the spectacular sight of the sun spread its first rays all around, light orange at first then slowly turn deep crimson and carpet the sky and the earth alike, with its glorious self. There might be many “to-visit” places on your list that you want to put a check on it in 2018. Well, travel enthusiasts, if you too are an ardent admirer of nature and sunrise especially, here are some of the places that can get you going for this enthralling experience.

1. Fiji

Fiji, an archipelago of more than 300 islands is a beautiful country in South Pacific. It is known for rugged landscapes, coral reefs, crystal blue, palm-lined beaches and much more. However, not many know that Fiji is also an incredibly perfect setting to watch the sunrise. You can be the first in the world to watch the dawn of the new day.
Get mesmerized by the view of the orange and purple burst in the sky. Few islands which needs a mention here are Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Island and of course, the beautiful Tauveni, which is also known as the ‘Garden Island”.
A fun fact, if you get here, you really will be one of the first in the world to experience and witness the day’s sunrise. It is one of the few points in the world where you can stand on the International Date Line.

2. Peru

Treat your eyes with the view of hallucinogenic sunrise at Tres Cruces in Peru. It is a six-hour long bus ride from Cuzco but it is unarguably worth the trek. Indulge in the serenity of the rustic nature away from the usual buzz of the city life.
Experience the unmatched beauty of a mind-blowing sunrise that rightly sanctify this beautiful destination.

3. USA

Not many know but USA too is a home to some of the spectacular destinations for sunrise. Hawaii is one such place which hosts the breathtaking view of the first rays of the sun. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning can be a pain but be rest assured that this alarm-clock acknowledgement is worth it, when in return, you get to experience a sunrise from above the clouds, on the tip of a volcano
Another place with an impressive sunrise is Grand Canyon in Arizona. Witness the burst of purples, melt into the shades of orange and bronze against the jaw-dropping scenery, undoubtedly one of America’s finest natural wonders.

4. England

Stonehenge in England is another fascinating destination to view the magical sunrise. A place of sun worship, this place is buzzing with people from all around the world who come together to appreciate the first rays of the sun and bask in its warmth and glory.

5. Tanzania

Climbing the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is practically on every adventure-traveler’s wish list. This thrilling trek comes with a chance to see one of the most awe-inspiring sunrises in the world. You can feel a massive sense of accomplishment on your ascent while basking up an unparalleled sight of the morning rays of the sun.
Sunrise is beautiful everywhere, but some places have that raw charm to magnify and present it to you like nowhere else. The sight of the subtle transformation of the sky as the sun rises over the cliffs, trees, mountains and cast its spell on the sea giving it a bright burst of shimmering effect, are a once-in-a-lifetime-time experience in such chosen spots. So be sure to put some the places mentioned above on your travel list of 2018.

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